Goals for the Week of 3/11


It has legitimately been weeks since I’ve even thought about my goals. Going to London got me out of the habit! But one day last week as I was driving to work, blasting the radio, and looking at the sunrise, I got the sudden urge to be my best self– which I had lost before.

I’m considering kind of re-vamping how I’m going to go about my weekly goals. I don’t know that I’ll fit each of my goals into my four categories (get into shape, reconnect with friends, express how I’m feeling, keep a positive attitude) like I did before because I don’t want to limit myself. I will definitely still have goals for those categories, though.


Until I have a good idea of how I want my goals posts to be thought out and organized, they’ll probably be sort of a mess… forgive me.

So here goes…

This week I want to:

1. Go to Spinning 3 times. I haven’t been to spinning since before I went to London and I miss it so much.

2. Run once, for as long as I can. I haven’t tried to run in forever, and I want to see where I am in terms of mileage and pace. I want to be able to easily run a 5k by the time Mark comes home, so I have about 9 weeks.

3. Go outside of my comfort zone at work. I’m terrible at speaking up, asking questions, and talking to people who I’m not familiar with at work. This makes it kind of hard to do my job. So I want to take one risk a day at work– not even a risk, really, just do one thing that makes me uncomfortable.

4. Hang out with my mom. And not in my usual “I don’t feel like hanging out with friends so I’ll go hang out with my mom” way.

5. Look nice every day. I am fortunate enough to have a job where I can roll out of bed, put on sweatpants, and go to work. However, I whole-heartedly believe that how you look affects how you feel. I know that if I am confident in my appearance, even if only because I put on makeup, I will be in a better mood.

I feel like five goals is a good round number, and even though there are other things I want to accomplish, they can wait till next week.

Good luck with your goals this week, and I’ll be checking in throughout the week to let you know how it’s going!


time for a hill

Today was really stressful. Not for any particular reason; I don’t have anything huge going on at work, I have an exam tomorrow but I’m not really worried about it. I just woke up with this gut-wrenching anxiety. I hoped that maybe once I got to work and was distracted it would go away, but it hung over my head all day. I just felt this extreme anxiety about nothing. I came home and went to spinning, where I got to thinking about how life is a lot like spinning. After each hill, or sprint, or painful endless flat, you hope that you’re done. You hope that you can take a five minute break, even. But the break never comes. You have to push up that fourth hill of the night harder than you pushed up the first hill, but when you’re done it is all worth it. And that’s kind of how I’m feeling about this whole “alone-in-the-world” anxiety I’m having. It’s painful, and it’s hard. But I know it won’t kill me. I know that I will get through it. And I know that when I do, it will make “normal” life all the better.

I’m also upset about this anxiety because I was really looking forward to seeing how I felt after the meals I had today. I think today was the most fruit-and-vegetable-centric food day I’ve had in a while. I started my day with juice from half a lemon in 8 ounces of water. I’m trying to form a habit of doing this, as it alkalizes your body and acts almost as a mini cleanse to get your digestive system off on the right track for the day. After my lemon water, I had a green monster smoothie that had frozen mango chunks, a banana, 1/2 a cup of flax milk, 1/2 an avocado, and 1 cup of raw spinach.

I put it in my recently purchased blender bottle… I am in love. Even though the blender ball in it only works to smoothly blend protein powder or really-easy-to-blend things, I pour my pre-blended smoothie in them at night and let it sit in the fridge so I can just grab it in the morning. I shake up my blender bottle and it’s ready to drink! It keeps it from separating. I also love it when I just want a simple protein shake, because it gets out all the clumps and does away with that sand-like texture that a spoon just can’t compete with. Oh, and did I mention it was only six dollars?!

For lunch, I had a big salad with romaine, red onion, avocado, ground flaxseed, chickpeas, and marinated portobellos, along with some plain soy yogurt with raspberries mixed in.

After work, I was dying of hunger (I think I need to get some more protein in my breakfasts), so I made a quick protein shake with a cup of flax milk and a scoop of my Amazing Grass Amazing Meal chocolate protein powder. I (of course) used my blender bottle and it was quick and super easy. It gave me enough to energy to tide me over through spinning. After kicking some serious butt at spinning, I made an italian veggie sandwich and some chickpeas on the side.

Italian Veggie Sandwich


2 Slices of Sandwich Bread (I used a hunk of a baguette)
3 1/4 inch slices of eggplant
1 Cup raw spinach
1 roasted red pepper, sliced into 1/2 inch strips

Cut the slices of eggplant in half and sautee them on low heat in olive oil with a little balsamic. Sprinkle on some garlic powder too. Once done (5 to 10 minutes), remove from heat and sautee spinach in oil for about 1 minute, until just cooked. Don’t over cook! The more you cook spinach, the less nutrients are available to you! Once done, stack your eggplant and spinach onto your bread. Add your sliced roasted pepper, and enjoy!

This sandwich would also be really delicious with broccoli raab in place of spinach, or portobellos in place of eggplant. Of course, you could always pile them on in addition to everything else, too.

Hope you had a great last day of January!