Happy Sunday!

Today as I scanned the non-dairy section of the dairy aisle at Whole Foods, a new product caught my eye– Flax Milk.

So of course, I bought a half gallon and am here to tell you that it is DELICIOUS. It has a taste similar to soy milk, but flax milk is better for so many reasons! No soy (I have nothing against soy products, but try to limit my consumption if possible), only 50 calories per serving, plus 25% of your B12 and 1200 mg of omega-3!

I have ground flax in my fridge too, but I am so much more likely to drink this stuff than to remember to get my daily tablespoons of flax! I can’t wait to see how baked goods turn out using flax milk instead of soy milk or almond milk, and I know that it will be incredible in smoothies!

I was feeling inspired by summer at the grocery store today, and picked up tomato and avocado along with tempeh bacon so that I can make my signature summer sandwich for dinner this week. I also got Cara Cara oranges– my new obsession. Mark got me into these beauties. If you haven’t tried these pink navel oranges yet, get on it. Between my fruit and veggie choices and the fact that I got fresh basil, I think it’s going to be a very summery week despite the snow on the ground.

I also picked up some new yoga pants. I’ve found that getting new gear makes me way more likely to hit the gym. And since I failed miserably at last week’s goal of three times at the gym, I figured I really need the inspiration. I may have also gotten a cute new jacket, because I deserve it!

Please excuse the unprofessional dressing room picture (;

Have a great start to your week!