Goals for Week of 1/29

Alright, so here goes… Week #2

Goal #1: Get Back Into Shape

For this week, I made a detailed workout plan. Although I did an okay job at sticking to my workout goals last week, I think planning every workout will help me to follow through.

Goal #2: Reconnect With Friends

This week is crazy busy for me. On top of my detailed and hectic workout schedule, I have a midterm exam on Wednesday, so until Thursday I won’t make any plans so that I can study. I’ll be sure to update this as things come up!

Goal #3: Find an Outlet to Express How I Feel on a Daily Basis

The blog has been working wonderfully for me! This week I would like to do four posts. If things go according to plan I should have a  post for Monday night, Tuesday night, Thursday night, and Friday night. I planned out my meals really well this week and am excited to share my recipes and photos!

Goal #4: Have a Positive Outlook

TICKETS ARE BOOKED. Life is good! Last week went extremely well for me in terms of positivity. I did notice, though, that I get a lot more down on myself over the weekend when I’m not busy at work all day. I think that having time to analyze and over think things is really hurting my positivity! This week, I’d like to keep up my positive attitude from last week, but also try to carry it through next weekend. I also think that cooking more this week will help keep me in a positive mood. Cooking is like therapy for me! It’s extremely stress relieving and although I have a big exam on Wednesday, I plan to cook a ton this week to help keep me in a good mood!

I will be sure to add an update on how this week goes at the end of the week! Good luck with your resolutions this week!


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