Goals for the Week of 2/5

#1: Get Back into Shape

I want to continue to have exercise as my main focus. It’s already started to become the one thing that I really look forward to every day, which I think is awesome. I’m going to try to add more cardio in this week, with an additional Spinning class on Monday. Here’s how this week is looking:

Monday: Spinning @ 6

Tuesday: Spinning @ 6:30

Wednesday: Abs

Thursday: Yoga @ 6

Friday: Spinning @5:30

Saturday: Off (or potentially Spinning @ 12:30)

Sunday: Spinning @ 6

I’ll be sure to incorporate arms and abs in almost every day, too.

#2: Reconnect with Friends

I’m actually loving this goal right now because it is so, so easy! I grew apart from one of my closest friends over the past couple of months, even though I live with her. I was always spending time with Mark, and was used to sharing a room with her, so having separate rooms in our house made spending time together less attainable. However, now that Mark is far, far away in Roma, I spend time with my roomie almost every day! We go to Spinning together most days, and already are making big plans for the weekend.

#3: Find an Outlet to Express How I Feel on a Daily Basis

This week, I want to focus more on snacks and desserts on the blog. Of course, there will still be the occasional dinner recipe (have you seen my amazing Sweet Potato Curry Bean Burgers? To die for), but I’d like to do some more cute cupcake recipes and easy snack ideas, too.

#4: Have a Positive Outlook

This goal has been one that I’ve really struggled with. I’ve been doing my gratitude lists and trying to keep a positive attitude, but for the past week I’ve been overcome with intense anxiety, making it difficult for me to look past the negative feelings I’m having. I’m looking for ways to overcome these feelings. I’ve been exercising more, because when I’m “in the zone” I forget about these negative feelings. This week, though, I want to set a goal to try to meditate for 15 minutes every day. Try is the operative word here, as I haven’t had success with this in the past. I just can’t get my mind to stop wandering! But I think that learning to meditate would be really good for my mindset.

I’ll be sure to provide updates throughout the week! Good luck with your goals this week!


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