About Herbivoress

[About The Blog.]

I started Herbivoress as a vegan food blog in January of 2012 as a way to figure out my identity as a vegan (and a human being). I’ve been with an ex for about four years, and in early January 2012 he left to study abroad for four months. It was an enormous & painful adjustment for me to live my life without him around. Herbivoress was my outlet to cope with loneliness and explore how I could be happy and strong on my own.

Over those four months, I learned so much about vegan food & about myself. I threw myself into planning meals and blog posts and never looked back. To read about my journey with food, click here.

In the years since, I’ve gotten busier with school and less passionate about planning every meal, but my passion for writing about food persists. Today, Herbivoress is my space for putting so-called pen to paper and telling my thoughts on foods and the people who prepare them to whoever wants to listen.

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