Eating Vegan in Cape May

I’ve been going to Cape May, New Jersey at least three times a year for my entire life. Trying to find vegan options in Cape May is extremely difficult and there’s not too much out there on the internet to help. So, here’s my guide to eating vegan in Cape May.

“Bagel with Love” from Higher Grounds

Higher Grounds Cafe: My stomach is growling at the thought of this place. A tiny cafe with breakfast and lunch has a huge garden out back with tons of mismatched tables and chairs.Inside, they have several vegan options and they are the only place in town I’ve found so far that sells kombucha.What to order: Ask for a Bagel with Love on a hemp bagel with vegan cream cheese. Last time I went, it was no longer on the menu but they still made it for me. It is one of my favorite meals. Piled high with chopped red onion, carrot, tomato, cucumber, and sprouts, the bagel itself is enough to celebrate over.

Bella Vida Garden Cafe: This quaint restaurant has so many lunch and dinner veggie options, it can be overwhelming. Make sure to sub in vegan cheese and ask for vegenaise on your sandwich, but here you can enjoy everything from a Tempeh Reuben to their Island Style Christina.

The Mad Batter:  As it is one of the busiest and most popular restaurants in Cape May, you will probably need a reservation for dinner here in the full swing of summer. They have vegan cheese and you can easily sub it for regular cheese on one of their appetizer pizzas. In addition, they have a fantastic Black Bean Cake entree that can be made vegan with vegan cheese and sour cream. For Lunch, they have a vegan black bean wrap.

Peter Shields Inn: There is nothing vegan on the menu here, but they are extremely accommodating and each time I’ve been they make me a delicious vegan risotto with corn, several types of mushrooms, and tons of other vegetables. Be prepared to spend here– it is one of the nicer places to dine in Cape May.

Vegan Pasta from The Pier House

The Pier House: Another place where there is nothing remotely vegan on the menu, but mention you’re a vegan and you will be taken care of. The chef makes a vegan pasta dish (I’ve heard it’s different every time) that is incredible. What’s so special about it is that the majority of the dish is vegetables, with a smaller amount of pasta stirred in. My pasta came with tons of spinach, mushrooms, kalamata olives, tomatoes, peppers, chick peas, onion and garlic.

I know this list isn’t the most extensive, but hopefully it will help you dine with ease in Cape May!

P.S- I added a few new restaurants to my list for vegan eating in Philly too– check it out!


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