Loving as of Late

I’ve got some recipes in the works, but to tide you over until they’re ready for viewing/tasting, I wanted to let you all in on some things that I have been crazy over lately.

  1. My favorite *new* blog. Project: Vegan has only a few posts so far, but from the photos to the recipes, it’s amazing. A no-nonsense take on vegan cooking from a college male’sperspective. OH, and those bruschetta? I tried them. They’re fantastic.

    Photo property of Project: Vegan, @ projectvegan2.wordpress.com

  2. The inbetween-summer-and-fall season. There is no weather more perfect, no anticipation of pumpkin so sweet, as that that happens during this very special time of year. Time to break out the scarves & boots, but you can still wear those shorts and sandals are juuuust fine. 
  3. Pasta that’s more vegetables than pasta. A concept so simple, I wonder why I never thought of it on my own. Trying to cut back on those empty calories? Enjoy your pasta, but make it 3/4 veggies, 1/4 pasta. You’ll fill up but won’t feel like a slug when you’re done. 
  4. Fresh cut flowers. I used to believe (firmly) that flowers were a huge waste of money. Sometime in the past few months, though, I’ve seen the light. They turn any ordinary day into something to celebrate. I’ve been trying to keep at least a few in my room at all times. 
  5. And last but certainly not least, this guy. Perfection.


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