A Few of my Favorites

I know I’ve been awful at posting lately… but I really, really want to make it up to you! And on Saturday, you will have an INCREDIBLE (if I do say so myself) dessert recipe for the Virtual Vegan Potluck. But for now, I wanted to put together a few of my favorite recipes from the blog so far! (Click the pictures to see the recipes!)

1. Simple Tofu “Recovery” Breakfast Sandwich : A delicious, savory sandwich perfect for those rough mornings!

2. Gingersnap Breakfast BarsLasting energy from a gingery sweet breakfast bar!

3. Tomato Nut-Cheese SpreadA welcome substitute for those fancy cheese plates- delicious served with avocado!

4. GuacamoleOne of my absolute favorite snacks! Leave the avocado a little chunky for the perfect guac!

5. White Bean HummusNo chick peas here! An unexpected twist on a vegan staple.

6. No Knead Fruit & Nut BreadCrunchy, doughy, and just a little sweet… yum!

7. Irish Potato CandiesNative to the Philadelphia area, these yummy candies rolled in cinnamon should be enjoyed year-round!

8. Lime Sugar CookiesCrispy, sweet, and zesty cookies for when you want something a little unexpected!

9. And last but DEFINITELY not least, my favorite recipe thus far…. Chocolate Peanut Butter Oreo PieNo explanation necessary.


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