Here’s What’s Been Goin’ On…

I am officially the worst food blogger in the history of food blogs. It has been WEEKS since I’ve posted a recipe (let alone had time to think about cooking…) and I AM SO SORRY. Unfortunately, keeping with the theme of things, I have no recipe for you. Sorry again. But I do want to catch you all up on what I’ve been doing that’s been keeping me so busy (and what I’ve been eating while doing it!)

So, first of all, I mentioned a few posts back that I was taking this really exciting “Politics of Food” class. Well, I dropped it. I decided that I didn’t like sitting there listening to information that I already knew and not know how to share my opinions in an intelligent way, and that I am way better off concentrating on my engineering classes.

Now for some background info:

Drexel has a really different schedule than most other schools. Rather than two fifteen-week semesters and a long summer break, Drexel has four ten-week quarters. OH and no summer break. Everyone works for two of the quarters at a co-op internship (that’s why I was hanging out a refinery for six months) and goes to school for the other two quarters. So, I have school every March-September and work every September-March. I am kind of depressed about not having a nice long summer vacation (I have a week off in between terms…) but I know that when I graduate with eighteen months of work experience in my field, it will all be worth it 🙂

SO because of our short short SHORT terms, we have to cover INSANE amounts of information in insanely short periods of time. For instance: this upcoming week will be week 4 of the term, and I have THREE MIDTERMS. MIDTERMS.  I hope that knowing the insane amounts of work that I have been doing will at least excuse me a little from not posting. No? Didn’t think so.

But regardless, let me tell you about what’s been going on with me!

1. Most importantly, MARK COMES HOME IN THREE WEEKS. It may be premature to say this, but I would venture to say that I did indeed successfully make it through these loooooong four months. I may not have accomplished absolutely everything that I set out to do four months ago, but I made a good start and fell in love with cooking along the way (added bonus!)

2. BODYPUMP. If you are not familiar with this insane butt-kicking workout, please click here. My roommate recently got certified as an instructor and after running out of excuses (it’s too hot out, I’m not strong enough, my arm hurts, etc.) I woke up bright and early one Monday morning, headed to her class, and never looked back. I’ve only been going twice a week for three weeks, but I already feel so much stronger.

3. New shoes. Ok, so I am probably the only person who will be excited about this, but after getting bruises on my feet from my old running shoes, I shelled out for a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL new pair of Mizuno sneakers. I have always been pretty loyal to Saucony, but am now a true convert to Mizuno. I went to a local running company and they had me walk around barefoot to check how my feet work before selecting a few pairs for me to try on. LIFE CHANGING, people!

4. I do, in fact, realize that this is a food blog. And thus, I will (I suppose) tell you what it is that I’ve been stuffing my face with recently.

  • Dr. Praeger’s California Veggie Burgers
    • When I’m in a huge hurry or too busy to stand over a hot stove for half an hour, I grab one of these amazing frozen goodies. They’re not like other veggie burgers out there– none of that “fake meat” stuff. These are full of REAL VEGETABLES, including whole soy beans and shredded carrots. A frozen dinner you  can actually feel good about.
  • Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Bread
    • This was one of those things that I’d seen a million times at the grocery store but was always too scared to actually try it, picturing little green sprouts emerging from lumpy bread. But it is SO GOOD. Not lumpy, not sprouty, just healthy tasting delicious bread. I use it to hold my veggie burgers or spread a little jam onto. They’re also great for a peanut butter banana sandwich if I need to take my breakfast with me to class.
  • Curry
    • My roommate makes THE BEST curry known to man. I couldn’t even tell you how she does it, but it goes so well on all my veggies over a bed of brown rice. We eat curry about twice a week.
  • Fresh Local Veggies
    • At Drexel, we are lucky enough to have a weekly farmers market on campus when the weather gets nice. I’ve stopped buying most of my produce at Trader Joes when I go on Saturdays, and instead wait until Tuesday when I can pick up broccoli, squash, strawberries, and asparagus that I can feel good about putting into my body!
  • My Homemade Larabars
    • I’ve been making a cherry variety that holds me over a few hours between lunch and dinner. OBSESSED. And I keep a few of the real thing around just incase I run out of my version.
  • AGUA
    • Ok, so not really a food, but I have been drinking water like it is my JOB lately. I invested (using a student discount) in a camelback water bottle a few weeks ago, and I swear it makes drinking water fun. I probably drink about 15 glasses of water a day ON AVERAGE. Without even thinking about it!!

I’m sure I’ve probably bored you to tears by now, so I’ll end this little rant before it gets ridiculous.  I can’t promise recipes any time soon, but I’ll try to keep up the whole “journaling” aspect of this (just so that I don’t go absolutley insane with school work!)



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