Twenty Wonderful Years…

Today is a hugely important day. Twenty years ago today, I met my best friend, Sophy. I would just like to point out that our friendship is 20 years old.

20 years ago today, our mothers walked into a water babies class at the local YMCA. My mother told her’s that it was okay to feed your six-month-old cheerios, and her mother was forever grateful. Twenty years later, we remain best friends, as do our mothers.

So, to celebrate, here are a few pictures of us over the years.

Say hello to Sophy and Siri at their first birthday party. And to our beautiful mothers.

We hung out at the beach together in really stylish clothes.

We had attitude from a young age.

I spared you from the horror that was our “braces” faze, but still put in this teenage concert gem for you.

We have great ideas.

In high school, we went to Italy together.

For two weeks.

And drank lots of wine.

Now we’re both in college.

Thinking back to all of our slumber parties and spa days really puts into perspective just how long we’ve known each other.

And lucky for us, Sophy is studying in London right now so we are spending our friendversary together.

Shenanigans and pictures forthcoming.


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