What I Ate…

So I’ve never really understood the appeal of What I Ate Wednesdays… but I’m on quite the time crunch this week so it seems like something fun and reasonable to do! This is actually a “what I ate Tuesday” that is getting posted on a Wednesday, but forgive me because I’m new at this.

I started out my day with half a lemon squeezed in 8 ounces of water.

For breakfast, I had a banana with chocolate hazelnut spread,

and a lemon soy yogurt. (I also may have snuck a few pretzels in, which I wasn’t going to tell you about, but then I felt bad.)

Not my favorite way to start out my day, but a smoothie just wasn’t in the cards for me this morning!

I also drank lots of water to help me fight off the first signs of a cold!

For lunch, I had a Chick’n Salsa Flatbread (recipe coming next week!), a super delicious meal that’s easily reheated and great for those just transitioning to veganism or vegetarianism!

For dinner, I made a Creamy Wheatberry Bowl (recipe tomorrow!) It’s creamy, warm, and total comfort food (but healthy!)

And for dessert, I made Banana Soft Serve (recipe next week!)


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