Things to Accomplish This Week

I am completely frazzled and overwhelmed. In three days I am going to London.  I haven’t started packing yet. For most people, this is not a matter of concern. For me, it makes me want to run around in circles and flap my arms until it gets done. An overreaction? Maybe. But I just know I will feel so much calmer once my suitcase is packed and I have to dig through piles of clothes to get to my toothbrush because I accidentally packed it two days early.

I feel guilty about this, but I’m forgoing my new years resolutions this week. It is way too much for me to handle on top of preparing to travel. Let me try to put this into perspective for you.

Mark’s personality type is almost opposite of mine. In his perfect world, he would show up to the airport 20 minutes before his flight, get angry when the security line took more than 3 minutes, and be the guy running through the terminal, pushing small children out of his way to get to his flight on time. To him, this is no problem; to me, this is my worst nightmare.

If I could get to the airport 12 hours early and have it be socially acceptable, I would. I will get there at least 3 hours early, I will have my carry-on bag organized so impeccably that I will know exactly where my passport, boarding pass, phone, and all other travel commodities are. I will be gut-wrenchingly nervous until I am on the plane, in my correct seat. If anything goes wrong even in the slightest (i.e I am selected for a random search at security), my day will be completely thrown off.

So, in order to avoid absolute mayhem, I need to be as prepared as possible for absolutely every situation before I leave for the airport. In three days.

I hope that you don’t think I’m absolutely out-of-my-mind crazy. Sorry if that’s the case. Wish me luck!


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