Panic Sets In…

In exactly one week I will be with Mark, checking into a hotel in London after (hopefully) sleeping like a baby for 8 hours on a flight that has an open bar. I am beyond excited.  But I have so much to do by Thursday. I know that usually my goals posts are saved for the weekends, but I’m sneaking this one in because I need to get my brain organized! And their not really personal goals, more of to-do’s.

*I need to clean my room. It is a pig sty. It looks like a bomb went off in it. You can’t see the carpet. It’s time. And nobody likes coming home from vacation to a messy room. So this is very important.

*Continuing with this train of thought… Laundry. I have so much laundry to do. I am about to run out of clean clothes. I probably have four loads of laundry to do this weekend.

*Packing! I’m hoping that a clean room and clean clothes will make this very easy. I also get to be kind of obsessive about packing. Everything gets rolled and sorted according to type of clothing and color. Yeah, judge me, I know. But I actually love packing so this is more of a “congrats on cleaning your room!” treat than just another item on my loooong list of to-do’s.

*Primping. I haven’t seen my man in six weeks! A girl’s gotta look good. Tomorrow I will be getting manicured, waxed, moisturized, plucked, the whole nine yards. My hair is getting trimmed and dyed and while I should be looking forward to this day of absolute pampering, it’s going to take up so much of my valuable time. So, yet another stressful item on my list.

*I’m currently taking a night class once a week and I was so excited that the stars aligned and I wouldn’t be missing my second midterm while I was in London. Originally my exam was supposed to be this Wednesday, aka the night before I leave for London. But then it got pushed back. To next Wednesday. When I will be pounding back brews in pubs and eating whatever the vegan equivalent of fish and chips is. Not cool. But either way, I have homework that needs to get done before I go so that I don’t have to worry about it while I’m there, and I need to study my butt off before I leave so that when I have to waste two hours taking an online test while I’m in London, I am ready and it only takes me one hour. A hefty goal.

*I need to go grocery shopping. Mark needs me to bring him foods that he can’t get in Roma, like peanut butter, veganaise, clif bars, and emergen-c. Plus, I feel like I should probably bring along some easy vegan meal substitutes so that we don’t have to go out for breakfast every day… so much planning to do!!! OH and I need to bake a lot this weekend. Mainly because Mark wants cookies, but also because I kind of want to make cupcakes or muffins.

*Get a big detailed map of London and a big detailed map of the tube system (don’t call it a subway!) and some star stickers and mark that thing up like nobody’s business.

*Finish Mark’s V-day present!!!!!!!

*Get a raincoat at the mall… and maybe some cute London-y dresses while I’m there… I mean.. why not, right?

I think that about covers it. But really, I’m exhausted just thinking about it. However, just knowing that in one week I will be with Mark is the only thing I care about at this point! Time to get motivated.


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