A few words

At lunch today, I was sipping on a smoothie that I made last night. It was a pretty standard green monster- protein powder, spinach, avocado, flax milk, a banana, and frozen strawberries. I eat lunch with my co-workers every day, and when one of them asked what was in my protein shake, I gladly spat out the ingredients list. I got this grossed out look from everyone. And it really hit me! These people are not excited by food. They don’t care about what they put in their bodies and how it impacts how they feel. They eat junk food because it they think it tastes good. I wanted to tell them that their frozen dinner’s they were stuffing in their faces probably had over a day’s worth of sodium. That it was filled with preservatives and that in order to make their pasta or chicken taste good, it was loaded with chemicals and salt. I wanted to tell them that their white bread is completely void of nutrients. That their peanut butter is full of salt and high fructose corn syrup and palm oil. That their soda is stripping calcium from their bones and has absolutely no redeeming qualities. But I am the minority. Which is so sad to me. I try not to push my beliefs onto others, because I’m not confrontational. And I’m sorry if this post offends anyone, but it is time for a food revolution.

I realize that I used to be one of them. Maybe not quite as high up on the scale of unknowing and “unappreciation”, but I wasn’t always a vegan. And it’s true what almost any vegan will tell you: veganism isn’t about the foods you can’t eat. It’s about the vast world of foods you’ve never heard of before.

I realize that it’s possible to eat a well balanced diet as an omnivore. But sitting at lunch today, surrounded by meat-eaters, it was clear to me that most omnivores not only don’t eat well balanced diets, they don’t truly appreciate food and all that it can be.

I commend anyone who introduces exotic foods into their diets; who takes the time to taste their food and doesn’t feel the need to load their plates with fatty, sugary, and salty foods; who knows what chia seeds and kombucha and nutritional yeast are, and what they do for your health. However, I urge absolutely everyone to try a vegan diet. If not indefinitely, for a week, or just a day. Don’t simply eat the foods you have in your fridge already that are vegan- oreo’s are not what the vegan lifestyle is about. Do your research, plan out healthy and colorful meals, and just give it a try. I truly believe that veganism has shown not only me, but millions of people, what food is all about.


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